A New Leadership Paradigm

Are you ready for the next level in your development as a leader and Stifinder? At this course, Marc will be sharing new knowledge and experiences in an intense and powerful setup.

We are happy and excited to launch this special Class with Marc Drouin at Dragsholm Slot. `A New Leadership Paradigm´ is an opportunity to transform what’s stopping you from making full use of your potential as a leader and human being. The event takes place at Dragsholm Slot, where Marc and Lasse met for the first time. 

Leading in a Rapidly Changing Future
The complexity of today’s world affects both our business environment and personal life. Navigating in this dynamic reality requires a range of technical skills and abilities but also true leadership development. We believe, our humanness will be the greatest value in future leadership. Cultivating our ability to really see, listen and feel. Truly engaging in all our relations. Being fully present and honest to ourselves and people around us. These leadership abilities are crucial in ever-changing times with new organizational paradigms that lie ahead of us.  

Tune up time! 
Based on your experiences from Module 3 and/or Master Classes we will be addressing your needs from what is of interest to you right now. We will work with tools and new perspectives on how to untangle patterns and belief systems that keep you from expressing your core essence. We will encourage ourselves to address crucial challenges in our life - in order to access our power as well as deepening our professional and personal relationships. We all have the ability to live our purpose, day by day.  

We offer two intense days of learning, and a lot fun and playfulness while working. 

Practical information: 
Date: 27th - 28th November 2018.
Location: Dragsholm Slot, Dragsholm Allé, 4534 Hørve (Sjælland), Denmark.

We’ll meet at the hotel at 10.00 am on the 27th November and work intensively all day and well into the evening. We’ll finish at 4.00 pm on the 28th November. Participants: 24 - 48 persons can take part in this Special Class. 

Price: DKK 11,500.00 excluding VAT (including hotel room at Dragsholm Slot and meals) OR DKK 9,500.00 excluding VAT (including meals, excluding hotel). Please contact Anders Rich (anders@stifinder.net) if you do not want to stay at Dragsholm Slot. Note: Limited rooms for overnight-stay.  


Duration by car: 
1 hour and 40 min from Odense
1 hour and 10 min from Copenhagen
25 minutes from Sjællands Odde
13 minutes from Svinninge